Lydia Lui


Lydia has always been fascinated with the psychological aspect of financial decisions, especially intrigued by the rationality and biases behind these choices. As a result, she studied Managerial Economics, with minors in Psychology and Economics at UC Davis.

Over the last eight years, Lydia has utilized her financial acumen to advise clients on making rational business decisions based on accurate financials. She offers invaluable insights and guidance across all facets of their businesses, ranging from budgeting and financial analysis to payroll management and compliance. Her goal is to deliver exceptional, personalized bookkeeping services that will help clients establish best practices, and ensure long-term financial stability and growth.

When Lydia isn’t immersed in numbers and financial statements, you can find her indulging in one of her many hobbies. Lydia enjoys crafting and caring for her succulents (over 20 and counting!). She also loves live music and sporting events. You will often find her at a concert or sporting event supporting her favorite Bay Area sports teams, the Golden State Warriors, and San Francisco Giants!